4/1/19 One Year Bible Recap--another month down!

WHOA!  WE MADE IT TO APRIL!!!!  THAT IS NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE!  You can’t tell me at this point your life has not been changed.  I know for a fact that this has become a habit for you and when you don’t read, you think about it.  I know this because so many of you have told me!!!  Life change is currently happening for you because you CANNOT SPEND 4 MONTHS IN GODS WORD AND NOT BE CHANGED.  It may be on soul level and you don’t see it in your day to day, but it is there.  I am celebrating with you today! God is just the coolest, isn’t He?

Deuteronomy 18: 1—20:20

Bible Knowledge Commentary helped me realize something this morning.  These “detestable acts” like witchcraft, casting spells, and consulting mediums is our human attempt to go against the Lord’s principle of reaping and sowing.  The reason I know this to be true is when I was dabbling in all those things I was attempting to seek a different outcome from the one I was sowing.  I literally wrote in my bible, “Yikes, I repent Lord!” 

The Lord will raise up people to lead Israel and Israel’s job is to judge if they are a legitimate prophet.  Remember the Lord will always give a prophet a near prediction and a far prediction.  If the near one comes true the prophet can be trusted and you can take their far prediction to the bank. 

It struck me when I read “enraged avenger” that the Lord is fully aware of our sin nature.  He knows that if someone we love gets murdered we are capable of murder ourselves.  He also knows if a dude is headed into a Holy War and all he can think about is his new bride at home he is liable to be distracted.  When you are distracted at war you get killed, so because God knows us so well, He institutes provisions so that the men going into war are fully focused on God. 

Luke 9: 28-50

The transfiguration was the ultimate encouragement for the three disciples that got to see it. Anytime you get to hear God’s voice booming around you it’s a good and terrifying thing.  

When Jesus says, “You faithless and corrupt people,” I was reminded of our sermon at church yesterday.  (Granted I was 30 minutes late because Chip Gaines the Corgi would not be caught and kenneled, but whatever!) Doug said that we are people who were made to believe in something.  And what we believe is our anchor.  But we have to remember that the only anchor of belief that is capable of really holding us secure is anchoring our faith to Jesus.  If you feel unstable, and that you get tossed around in a storm of life, you are not anchored in the right thing.  Jesus is fully capable of holding your anchor.  Jesus is the power the disciples needed to cast out demons.  

Psalm 73: 1-28 

This Psalm is a wisdom psalm.  It is one we can look to when the world does not make sense.  Remember what Jesus said in Luke today, the Kingdom of God is the opposite of what the world does.  1st is last and last is 1st in God’s economy.  I fully identify with this psalm when it says, “Then I realized my heart was bitter, and I was all born up inside.”  I feel this sometimes when things don’t go my way or some person whom I know to be a totally jerk gets ahead of me.  It is just life on earth.  This is as bad as it gets for us Christians,  we have eternity with Jesus to look forward to.

Proverbs 12: 10

I could write for days about this Proverb.  But I gotta go so I am going to say if you don’t take care of your animals you are just a jerk.  They are innocent and need care.  However, if you push your dog around in a stroller, you have taken this Proverb too far.  Get a grip!