4/10/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 34: 1—Joshua 2: 24

Well, we get to attend Moses funeral today.  His last moments on earth are spent with God, and then God takes care of his earthly body.  No one knows where it is because we are created to worship and have a knack for worshiping the wrong thing.  If we knew where his body was it would become an idol.  We would devote ourselves to it and not to the Lord.  

Guys, we just finished the Pentateuch!  What in the world?!? Look at us go!  We started the first book in the history section of the OT.  Joshua is written for the purpose of recording the fulfillment of the Mosaic Promises.  These promises were given to Abraham, and we just traced those promises through the Pentateuch.  Going from second in command to first must have scared Joshua a bit, because God tells him three times to be strong and courageous.  We find out from Rehab that God’s objective in rescuing the Israelites from Egypt has been accomplished.  The watching world was well aware of God’s Power and Glory, they know He is Lord!  She says, “I know  the Lord has given you this land…..” And then she says, “No wonder our hearts have melted in fear,” after telling them she has heard the story of Red Sea.  The spies return to Joshua and tell him of God’s fulfilled promise of making the people in the Land fear them.  It was true!  They know God is with them!  They have learned that God is Faithful!!!

Luke 13: 22—14: 6

As Easter approaches for us, let’s really tune into what is going on.  Knowing we can’t get the timeline exactly right, I just want to remember that this stuff is going on a few weeks or so before the crucifixion—which in our time is around right now.  Never one to be dramatic (except I am exactly always dramatic), I want to slow down and really feel my way though the next few days of Luke’s gospel.  

The ultimate FOMO is described here today.  People who think they have made it through the gate to God’s Kingdom will realize they have missed it by a mile.  The narrow gate is faith in Jesus.  Believing what Jesus says, and being counted as righteous.  There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in this FOMO because people will have worked themselves to death to prove to God they are worthy only to realize they never had it in them to earn their way there.  Jesus is the only gate.  

The pharisees want to hurry the timeline up and get rid of him.  Don’t think they are trying to save him here.  They just want this chaos to end.  Jesus tells us that Jerusalem (Israel) will reject Him.  It brings Him sorrow because He just wanted to come and gather them under His salvation. They won’t call Him Messiah until He comes back to rule in the Millennial Kingdom.  (This is not a kingdom of millennials, this is what happens in the end times, which we will get to in Revelation, so don’t worry if you have not seen that word before.)

Psalm 79

This Psalm reminded me of what is going on around Jerusalem today.  There always seems to be bloodshed and war.  Israel is mocked and threatened.  They have been devoured, they don’t even have possession of their temple.  Geeze, I’m leaning into the end times today, but when Jesus does come back they will be restored.  They will not be mocked and their enemies will not be able to say, “Where is your God” Everyone will know Jesus is Lord. 

Proverbs 12: 26

Having a high schooler in my house makes this proverb really carry some weight.  If having friend is just about volume and not substance we will lose our kids to the world.  But teaching them to discern between friends that will good advice vs. friends that will lead them astray is our number one jobs as parents.  And as you are processing that with the kids, I promise God will let you know what friends you need to stop getting advice from.