4/11/19 One Year Bible Recap

Joshua 3: 1—4: 24

“Since you have never traveled this way before, they [the Levitical priests carrying the ark] will guide you.” This line jumped off the page for me today.  This whole section is faith test for Israel.  Remember this book is the recording of them entering the land and finding out if God will be faithful.  So, they stand on the banks of the Jordan and ask in their hearts, as they hold their children, “God promised He would get us into the promised land, will He do it?”  Their history with God tells them He is powerful enough, but will He do it?  God answers YES from the stopping of the water, to the dryness of the river bed, to the fact that He holds the water off long enough for them to get some stones to build a memorial.  GOD IS FAITHFUL.  It jumped off the page to me because I am standing at my own Jordan River bank.  Not to be overly dramatic (except we all know I am exactly overly dramatic),  but I am embarking on making this writing thing a real thing.  I am pursuing the things people who write have to pursue, and having to put myself out there in a way that has me questioning in my heart, “God are you faithful?  God will you do what you have promised?”  I am so encouraged to read stories like this because even if I don’t know what is ahead I know God is faithful.  And since I have never traveled this way before I can just follow His leading.  

Luke 14: 7-35

Good gracious there is nothing worse than finding a good spot at a party, only to be pushed out by people cooler than you.  I can feel my cheeks redden and my pulse rise when I think about it.  That is pride rising up to claim the best spot.  Jesus tells us to let it go.  Be in the background until the host brings you forward.  More important than that be aware of your need for an invitation from Jesus because those who don’t think they need that invite will end up left out of the party.  

To the crowd He says to really understand what it means to follow him.  Don’t get caught up in the church camp high and end up giving an excuse to not follow him.  He wants real followers not people who were just caught up in the hype. 

Psalm 80

This Psalm is a great illustration of what happened in Israel when they turned away from the Lord.  They had to remember what He did for them, and beg Him to turn them around.  They knew He was powerful enough to do it, but would He?  (Spoiler Alert: Yes, He did, every time they cried out to Him) 

Proverbs 12: 27-28

I think this proverb today is pretty self explanatory.