4/12/19 One Year Bible Recap

Joshua 5: 1—7:15

So, they crossed the Jordan and charged forward and conquered all the land they can see.  That is what we expect to read, but that is not how God works.  Bible Knowledge Commentary said that God prescribed consecration before conquest.  They had some business to, um, eh, attend to?  People ask, why circumcision.  Well, the best answer is that the nations they were entering used their, um, private parts, to sin against God.  They participated in sexual worship of their fake gods, adultery and debauched sexual practices.  The Israelites would have the sign of God’s covenant with Abraham to remind them to only use their, um, private parts as God intended.  They also needed to celebrate the Passover as God requested, and they ate of the blessed crops God promised.  Now I am not sure about you but I would definitely want to strike while the nations are all fearful of Israel.  I would be impatient and would not want to do the things I know the Lord asked me to do because in my human mind they seem unnecessary.  But God needed to give them time to rest, learn to trust him and see His promises come true.  When they were ready for battle, obedience to God won them the victory, not their strength.  

But then we see that very foreboding BUT at the beginning of chapter 7.  They suffered a defeat.  God has to teach Joshua to remember that defeat is because of disobedience.  God has already given them this land, if they fail to conquer it is because of them not God.  That is why He says, GET UP!  Search out the disobedience.  

Luke 15: 1-32

Self-righteous people will forever want to exclude sinners from their parties.  This is because self-righteous people have to lord it over and stand aloof from people they deem sinners in order to be better and there for, more worthy than anyone else.  I have a flare for self-righteousness and wrote about it over on the weekly blog, you can check that out <here>. The problem with self-righteousness is it completely goes against everything Jesus stands for.  That is why He uses three different parables here to counter that kind of thinking.  

  1. One sinner saved is more celebrated that 99 self righteous pharisee’s standing around claiming to be God’s favorites.  God brings the lost sheep and celebrates him with His neighbors. 

  2. God rejoices when one sinner repents.  That one sinner is celebrated because they know their need for God.

  3. A father will spread a feast for a son (sinner) that returns with a humble heart after having gone off and come to the end of his own self-righteous thinking.  That father never asked for slavery from the son (Pharisee’s) that stayed with him.  Everything already belonged to that son, he could have just enjoyed the relationship instead of trying to earn favor and prove himself worthy.  

Psalm 81

This psalm was written to be sung at a festival.  Most likely,  the festival of Tabernacles. This joyful song was a history lesson, a call to worship, and a warning all rolled up into one song. 

Proverbs 13: 1

I literally have gastric upset right now because I am opening myself up to correction.  I will be sending out an email to ask for feedback about my writing.  You would think my body is preparing for war.  This is my sin nature that wants to be a mocker and not a wise person rising up to refuse to listen.  My fear of rejection is palpable. God says that pursing wisdom is what leads to good life, so I am going to do it.  Fear of rejection leaves me stuck.  I don’t want to remain a stuck mocker, I want to be wise. So I am going to do it. (At some point soon, when I can work myself up to it, and when the stars are aligned and I have prayed and fasted for a long time.  LOL.  I am a crazy person, wait for your email!)