4/13/19 One Year Bible Recap

Joshua 7: 16—9: 2

Sin = death.  What we read today is not God being overly harsh.  God judges sin.  God clearly communicated with Israel and begged them to follow His commands completely, or they would be cursed.  Because of the kind of death Achan and his family suffered we know that all of them were involved and they did not take them just for plunder but because they supplanted God in some way.  The nation of Israel obeys God’s command that if someone in the camp is caught in disobedience they should be stoned.  Remember a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. This is the result of sin.  There is no way around it.  Sin = death.  That is why they towns people are destroyed as well.  They were not like Rahab in the sense that Rahab heard about what God had done and believed God.  The towns that get destroyed heard about God and rejected Him.  

While the Israelites go on a pilgrimage, the surrounding kings combine forces.  See, they heard about what God had done and instead of doing the right thing, they bolster their forces to show their rejection of their Creator. 

Luke 16: 1-18

I think I read my favorite quote from Bible Knowledge Commentary this morning.  It said that the parable of the dishonest rascal was a “good message from a bad example.”  This could be the title of my memoir.  Although Jesus is not teaching the disciples to be dishonest, He is teaching them to be shrewd with their resource to reach as many people with the Good News as possible.  They cannot love money and popularity like the Pharisees.  God has to be your master because if you try to serve both you will love the master that meets the wants of your flesh simply because it is easier. 

The Pharisees had gotten good at creating loop holes in the Law that allowed them to still look like they were following the Law, but actually just get what they wanted.  They could justify these loop holes.  The example Jesus uses is the their proficiency to use the divorce decree to suit them.  They justified it before the men and women of the world.  The caution here is that you either follow the Law to the T or you don’t.  You will not stand before God and say, “Yes I know you said this, but it was really hard to follow that so we wrote in this loop hole, and every human thought it was great.” The Law was to expose the sinfulness in us and make us dependent on God.  You cannot use it how you want to, ask Achan.  

Psalm 82

Judges appointed by God will be judged.  These “gods” where to represent God’s character.  Asaph is seeing corruption and asking God to clean house. 

Proverbs 13: 2-3

“Opening your mouth can ruin everything.” Can I get an AMEN??  Talk less, smile more.*

*Hamilton reference for Sydney.