4/17/19 One Year Bible Recap

Joshua 15: 1-63

In keeping with his proclamation in the last section, Caleb goes in trusting God, and takes his land!  I’m not sure about his motivation tactics of offering his daughter as a reward, but it seems to be rewarded by the Lord because she secures flowing water for her and her new hubby.  Wonder what the girls that live in my house would have to say about being offered up as brides? 

Now here is the fun thing about the OT.  We have just read in Deuteronomy how the blessings and curses will work.  If the Israelites follow God’s orders they will be blessed.  If they fall into idolatry they will be cursed.  God has proven His faithfulness in the acquisition of the Land.  When you read the following Historical books of the bible, you have to keep this in mind because it will keep all the puzzle pieces in place!  So then, when you read, “But the tribe of Judah could not drive out the Jebusites, who lived in the city of Jerusalem,” your next thought should be, “Why, on earth not?”  God is faithful and has proven to them that if they engage an enemy in faith, God will cause them to be terrified, and God will be their strength to drive them out.  Remember, they crippled the horses to prove that God is stronger than any army.  So what happened here?  Knowing the principles God set in motion in Deuteronomy for this time in history, Judah dropped the ball.  They did not follow God’s commands.  Therefore they were not victorious.  

All the verses saying “This border is here and that border is there,” make my eyes glaze over. My brain is visual so I found this to help me see what these sections are communicating.


Luke 18: 18-43

Look what Jesus does here!  I am freaking out!  He leads this wealthy ruler to the truth.  He starts with clarifying what is good.  Jesus says only God is truly good.  Jesus is identifying Himself as God here.  That is why He is actually a “good’ teacher, because He is God. Then Jesus leads him through his wrong thinking.  Jesus says to follow the commandments.  The rich ruler says that he has done that.  Jesus ninja reverse psychologies him by saying essentially, “Oh, you have done that and you still feel like something is preventing you from entering the Kingdom? Well, that is because there is still one thing to check of your list!”  The rich ruler is high five-ing himself on the inside saying, “Oh dang!  I am about to get it! That one last box to check!”  Jesus says give all your wealth away.  The ruler is crushed because that is the one thing he was holding on to for actual salvation.  He is thinking, “Wait, isn’t my wealth proof that I have earned God’s favor?”  Then Jesus says, “Follow me.” Jesus is everything this rich ruler actually needs to enter the Kingdom.  This guy calls Him the Good Teacher.  He was so close to fulfilling that nagging feeling of missing the mark.  Following the commandments, giving our wealth away are external examples of trusting that Jesus really is all we need.  

Psalm 86

I am writing a blog post about this Psalm this week so I will refrain from recapping it here.  You can check it out on the Weekly Blog.

Proverbs 13: 9-10

Listen, so we can all remain friends I am just going to leave the comment from Bible Knowledge Commentary right here……

13:10. Pride (zāḏôn, from zîḏ, “to boil”; cf. 11:2) means an unyielding arrogance. Such an inflated, know-it-all view of oneself leads to quarreling, in contrast with a humble, wise spirit that makes one willing to learn and take advice.*

*Buzzell, Sid S. “Proverbs.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Ed. J. F. Walvoord and R. B. Zuck. Vol. 1. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. 933. Print.