4/4/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 26: 1—27: 26

These rituals are for remembrance after they have settled and conquered the Land.  God has already warned them once that they may have the tendency to get fat and happy in the Land and forget who brought them there.  So these rituals are a visual aid to cause them to remember.  

Focus in on Verses 26: 16-19.  They are the conclusion for the previous section and they set the tone for the upcoming topics.  God is meticulously teaching them that if they follow Him, He will make them holy and bless them.  However, they will be cursed if they do any of the things listed here.  I also love that the Lord is fully aware of our sinful nature that will forget Him, so He has Moses tell them, “Write everything I am telling you down on rocks.”  These remembrance stones would be in a place that everyone would pass by them so they would not forget.  I am getting nervous though because there is a lot of teaching against sin going on, and a lot of “if you do this I will do this.”  It is nail biting anticipation to see if they do what He says.  I think a good question to marinade on is, “Would I remember and follow all his decree’s?”  And see, when I ask myself that immediately I have like 12 things I have already done today flash before my eyes that prove I could not keep the Commandments.  (The car pool line is not for sissy’s)

Luke 10: 38—11: 13

I am not qualified to write about this Mary and Martha section because this story is a burr under my saddle pad.  People, who have tried to help me, have said to me, “Don’t be a Martha!  Just relax and be a Mary and don’t get all upset about the food, and if there will be enough, and if it will be good, and if people will get sick from food borne illness.” But I will go to my grave saying that this verse is not telling women to do less and worry less.  Mary is not just chillin’.  She is clinging to the teaching of Jesus.  She is engaged and worshiping and digging deep to understand what Jesus is saying.  Martha is trying to impress Jesus, and His company with her hostessing.  Your context clues are “big dinner” and “Lord don’t you think it is unfair….”  She is looking earn favor from her service.  She is looking for blessing from the Lord for her service.  She is looking to point out her sisters short comings to further herself.  Mary knows that Jesus can feed 5000 people with a few bits of bread and a few fish.  I believe if Jesus bent down to Mary and said, “Hey can you get up and make a meal for us?”  She would have done it.  You would have seen her jump up and bustle around and she would be concerned that there was enough, and if it was cooked all the way through.  The difference is she would not be doing it to impress she would be doing it out of love for Jesus.  I can absolutely identify with both these women.  In fact, I literally was having a conversation with my friend Lauren yesterday and could hear myself beckoning her to agree with me that this thing I was talking about was unfair.  Because she is wise she reminded me of something one of our professors at Bible School said, “You are the foot bridge for the gospel, nothing more, you are meant to be walked over, you will get muddy, but you are just a foot bridge.” (Rich Bruce)  When Martha rears her head in me, I have to go back to the feet of Jesus.  This blurb is literally double the size of the actual scripture so clearly I have some feelings about it.  “There is only one thing worth being concerned about.  Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.” 

I love that Jesus says our prayer life should be like a neighbor banging on the door until they get us to answer.  I wonder if God was like, “Oh, Son! Don’t tell them that!  I will not have a moments peace!”  Just kidding, God is not like that.  Prayer shows our dependance on Him so he wants us to bang on the door until we get an answer.  

Psalms 76

“Human defiance only enhances your glory, for you use it as a weapon.” This verse made me think of what God did in Egypt with the plagues.  Every time Pharaoh defied Him, the plagues got more glorious and point to a glorious God!

Proverbs 12: 15-17

I had a small fender bender last summer.  4 cars involved.  Car 1 hit car 2, car 2 swung around and hit me and another car.  The last car involved did not see what had happened.  He assumed it was my fault.  This man opened his car door and started a cacophony of swear words and yelling.  Now, as most of you know I am proficient in this language but in this moment proof of the Holy Spirit in me was that I did not engage.  I was wise and stayed calm when insulted.  I calmly called 911 and said, “There has been a car wreck on 66, and there is fool here going nuts on all of us.”