4/6/19 One Year Bible Recap

It is the most beautiful rainy Saturday.  All the kids sports have been canceled.  I already did all the barn chores, and Jesse picked up Chick Fil A for lunch.  I am living my best life.  Because it so beautifully cloudy and rainy I will most likely be binging Little House on the Prairie before I watch the Red Raiders play in the Final Four!!!  So before I am lost in a fog of Amazon Prime TV, lets devote some time to studying God’s Word.  

Deuteronomy 29: 1–30: 20

Moses finished giving them the terms of the covenant and moves into trying to convince them to follow the terms.  He tells them just do this and you will be fine!  The Israelites have a problem though, and God wants to be sure they understand their problems.  It is a stubborn heart.  They can’t do anything about it.  But God can.  

God tells the people through Moses his plans for the future.  They will not follow these decrees and God will be so angry with them that they will be set aside and banished to the ends of the earth. In the future God will give them a new heart.  (Translated also, circumcision of the heart.) And they will have new zeal for the God because of this heart and God will delight in them.  Now listen, this is a little future truth bomb lobbed into the middle of this conversation.  Just tuck it away because the questions you have will be answered later in the story of the Bible. At this point Moses says, “Now listen!”  These laws are not impossible to live by, even with a stubborn heart.  They have the choice to live and thrive or be removed for the earth and die. Lets also remember that we are not talking heaven or hell based on obedience to the Law.  The Law does not make them justified before the Lord.  The Law sets them apart from the nations and reflects God’s character.  If they follow the Law God will bless them above all nations. Following the Law was their response to God saving them.

Luke 11: 37–12: 7

Jewish customs jumped off the page this morning.  Then as I read through the sorrows predicted by Jesus I actually felt sorry for them.  Maybe because my pride leads me to the same sorrow sometimes.  These Pharisees are so convinced that they are the ones who possess salvation and favor of God because of their adherence to the Law and lineage.  But don’t forget that they have a problem.  All the way back in Deuteronomy God told them about their stubborn heart.  Their hearts are so stubbornly holding on to their own made up traditions that they are missing the opportunity God is giving them in Jesus.  They feel completely justified because of their Jewish traditions.  Remember, the Law does not save it was a response to salvation. I imagine them dying and stand before the Lord saying, “I did my ritual washing before every meal!”  And God says, “Yeah, and the one I sent to fix your stubborn heart was crucified by you and your followers.” Lest I get prideful though, I have done the same thing.  I have ignored Jesus and presented my own offering.  It just will not hold up folks.  When you stand before God, you have to be able to say, “I’m with Jesus!” Anything else is just your stubborn heart presenting itself.  

The hypocrisy the the Pharisees are teaching is like yeast.  It just spreads and grows.  But Jesus says not worry about because soon it will all be exposed.  He also has to encourage the people to not be afraid of the Pharisees, but to fear God only.  (Respect him, honor Him)  He is the one who knows every hair on our head.  

Psalm 78: 1–31

I am so struck by the idea of Asaph writing these songs on purpose so they could sing them and remember what God has done.  They could memorize them and recall them when they were tempted by their circumstances to forget who He is.  

Proverbs 12: 19–20

Lies do not stay hidden.  They will be exposed, its just how God works.  He hates hypocrites.  A heart that is set on evil is not peaceful.  I think we have all felt this and been aware of people who are plotting.  The people who are bringing peace to situations also bring the joy.