4/8/19 One Year Bible Recap

I feel the need to explain to you, just like you feel the need to explain yourself to me when I see you in public.  By that I mean, I did not write a post yesterday and I am not going to feel guilty about it.  I did read my bible reading for the day but just did not have time to post a recap. Sunday is a little tough around here because our church is mobile right now, and all the moving parts take a lot out of my family (specifically Jesse).  See, I feel the need to explain.  Just like when you faithful readers miss a bible recap, you think I am judging you when I see.  Which I am not!  More likely I am judging what you are wearing, not that you did not read a recap because I am a sinner in need of a Savior.  But you feel that need to say, “I didn’t read today, I am going to get to it.”  Hear this from my heart: I really don’t care if you read the Recap but I do care that you are reading the bible.  If you pick up your bible everyday and read it—YOU HAVE DONE THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN DO ON EARTH!  Lets all just get square with being thrilled that everyone is trying to read their bible everyday.  You will not feel guilt for not reading a post and I will not feel guilt for not posting.  Look how sanctified we are becoming! My counselor is going to be so proud of me!  Anyway, stop messing around and lets get to it!

Deuteronomy 32: 28-52

We read the end of Moses song today.  Anytime God compares you with Sodom and Gomorrah you are not doing well.  The words, “God will not be mocked” come to mind.  He did not promise them blessings in this covenant just to be pushed aside by fake gods.  “These instructions are not empty words—they are your life!”  I just love that phrase.  Remember we are talking about a blessed life verses a cursed life on earth. It’s that old idea of “Are you going to do this the easy way or the hard way.”  Unfortunately Moses song shows us they are going to pick the hard way.  

God is completely justified for not letting Moses into the promised land.  He was supposed to be a holy leader and he did not follow the Lord.  In my human limited thinking I just can’t get over this today.  I hate that he was not allowed in.  I don’t like that he lead this rebellious people and yet because of one mistake he is not let in, but they are!  What?!?!  We know from our previous readings that Moses took this before the Lord so often that God said, “Enough! Don’t bring it up again!”  But as I sat here contemplating God’s reasons and His justness, I had a thought(maybe from the Lord?).  Moses went home to be with God, that must have been a greater blessing than living in the promised land.  I am purely speculating here but I wonder if Moses joined his ancestors and realized that the promised land has nothing on Heaven.  (At this point in the story it is called paradise or Abraham’s bosom.)

Luke 12: 35-59

Jesus is teaching against the behavior of the Pharisees.  He says in order to please God they should have been waiting expectantly.  They should have taught the people to wait expectantly too.  They have the entire Revelation of God in their possession(the Old Testament).  Because they were given much, much was expected of them.  (Kind of like Moses was given much because he got to see God, and much was expected from Moses) 

Man I get fired up when Jesus talks about coming to set fire to the world!  He means this two ways.  One He is talking about completely burning up the Pharisees teaching and turning it all on its head.  The Israelites put much store in their family lineage and Jesus says he is coming to break all that up.  He is not coming to keep the status quo, He is going to burn this mother down!!  See I get fired up.  On the other side of Jesus terrible baptism of suffering(His crucifixion), is reunification with God for us because Jesus takes our sin debt on for us.  Second, He is teaching that they are thinking wrong if they think He has come to run out the Roman rulers and bring peace to the world.  He has to suffer first.  

Jesus tells them, look around you!  You can notice weather patterns.  If you can do that you can see what is going on.  The Israelites should see that all the things that Jesus is doing has been predicted in the OT!! He tells them that God is going to drag them into court for their sins,  they better make good with Him (by believing Jesus is who He says He is) or they will remain prisoners.  

Psalm 78: 56-64

This Psalm validates the song of Moses. Asaph laments how his ancestors tested God and rebelled against Him. 

Proverbs 12: 24 

Our professor, Butch Bennet, always said that the Proverbs were the instruction for horizontal living.  Get your head out of the gutter, what Butch meant was that they were principles for relating to other people on earth.  God never asks us to work for salvation, but He does give us this principle for living on earth.  Laziness always ends in bondage of some kind. Nowadays it looks like gigantic amounts of debt because we might be too lazy to work for what we want to buy.  Debt makes you a slave to the lender.