4/9/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 33: 1-29

Pastor Doug always reminds us that when you are in the OT, the best way to understand what is going on is to look for how God is the hero in any story.  The OT is teaching us who God is and how He works.  I remembered this today as I was reading through the blessings and thinking what do I take away from this?  Then it was right there at the end of todays reading—“There is no one like the God of Israel.  He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor.  The eternal God is your refuge and his everlasting arms are under you.  He drives out the enemy before you; he cries out, “Destroy them!” So Israel will live in safety, prosperous Jacob in security, in a land of grain and new wine while the heavens drop down dew.  How blessed you are, O Israel!  Who else is like you, a people saved by the Lord?  He is your protecting shield and your triumphant sword! Your enemies will cringe before you and you will stomp on their backs!” We have to understand that the context of this is God being with Israel as they claim the land that He promised them.  But there is something for us (the church) to learn as well.  We understand God’s character a little more.  We can see that He loves them and is with them and will protect them, despite their rebellion.  That is good news to me because that means he loves me based on His character and not mine.  

Luke 13: 1-21

I am cracking up because Pastor Doug taught on this principle this weekend.  The reason I am cracking up is because I have now mentioned Pastor Doug twice in this post and have officially become a Doug Groupie.  Anyway check out the sermon from this weekend HERE.  To sum up it is crazy that the leaders of the time were torqued out over healing happening on the Sabbath.  It is the proof to show they had elevated the Law over God.  The poor Israelites.  They went from not following the Law and worshipping idols, to forgetting God and worshipping the Law.  

Usually when you see the word yeast being used it is to describe the permeability of sin or bad teaching.  Here I think it is talking about how the pharisee’s cannot stop the Kingdom of God by saying Jesus should not heal on the Sabbath.  Get out of here with that nonsense Pharisees!  

Psalm 78: 65—72

The ending of Psalm 78 speaks of the Lord’s character just like our passage in Deuteronomy.  He woke up and rescued Israel because of who He is not because of how perfect they were.  Yesterdays section showed us that they rebelled.  Again, it just drives home the point that God is the Hero.  He swoops in and saves us, even though we rebel.  

Proverbs 12: 25

This proverb proves that anxiety (worry) leads to depression.  Every worry, if not taken captive, piles up until you feel a palpable weight on you.  That weight makes it hard to keep moving.  The freedom that Jesus has given me by asking me to cast my burdens on Him helps me totally identify with the God that swoops in to save despite my rebellion.  For sure the best way to encourage a person who is weighed down is an encouraging word.  PRO TIP: To avoid being throat punched, do not tell someone who struggles with anxiety they need to believe in God more or they are not believing enough.  All our passages today prove that God moves based on His character and not our perfection.  Belief is belief and over coming anxiety is a process.